Unemployment Insurance Bill May Help Same-sex Couples

By Boyce Hinman

So you just met the love of your life, but he lives in San Diego and you are here in Midtown. If he quits his job and moves up here to live with you, can he file for unemployment? Currently, under certain circumstances, someone can quit his or her job to be with a fiancée and yet still qualify for Unemployment Insurance in California.

Generally, to qualify for Unemployment Insurance, the marriage must be imminent. Also, the claimant would have to show that he or she was required to leave his or her work to accompany a spouse to, or join a spouse at, another location because it is impossible or impractical for the claimant to commute to his or her work from the new location.

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RSVP Vacations Celebrates a Quarter CenturyRSVP Vacations

RSVP Vacations, the creator of the gay and lesbian cruise concept, has kicked off a yearlong celebration of its 25 years of all-gay and lesbian cruises.

To commemorate its 25th birthday, the Minneapolis-based company also unveiled its Silver Anniversary Cruise to Hawaii – RSVP’s first cruise to the 50th state.

RSVP pioneered the all-gay cruise concept, signing its first cruise ship charter in 1985 and hosting its first all-gay cruise in 1986. Since then, more than 80,000 men and women have participated in RSVP’s wide range of big and small ship cruises, riverboat cruises, land tours and resort vacations.

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Every Body Out!Closet

A breakthrough in reality television, “Get Out! Of The Closet!” follows host Natty Ice as she crosses the country helping those struggling with their sexuality in a direct, no-nonsense, in-your-face fashion. She dishes out truth sticks – sticks made out of THE TRUTH – to each and every “Closet Case” that she meets, inspiring them to lead a brand new life full of rainbow flags and exciting opportunities.

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Sacramento’s Harvey Milk Day Building SteamHarvey Milk

Excitement is building and Harvey Milk Day has expanded.

Members of the Harvey Milk Day Organizing Committee met March 11 at Hamburger Patties to discuss plans for the May event, and here is a rundown of upcoming events.

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Tom Goss and Matt Alber Sing Out Against "Don't Ask Don't Tell"Who We Are

Offer Free MP3 In Exchange For Donations To The Service Members Legal Defense Network or see the YouTube video.

Singer-songwriter buddies Matt Alber and Tom Goss teamed up recently with videographer Zack Rosen of Washinton DC’s TheNewGay.net to shoot the video for their anti-DADT (Don't Ask Don't Tell) anthem, “Who We Are.”

"We wrote the song especially for these strong men and women who carry the wounded on their shoulders and the added burden of a nation's bigotry on their backs," said matt and Tom.

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