John Rechy: On the Gay Sensibility

By Frank Pizzoli

Born erudite, John Rechy, 83, is the author of twelve novels and three non-fiction works. He was raised Mexican-American in El Paso, Texas at a time when Latino children were routinely segregated.

He was assumed to be Anglo because of his light skin. A teacher “changed” his name from Juan to John.

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Mounting Silver to Fight ISIS - Americans Are Sick of This

By Glenn Mollette

When I was a child I never got tired of watching the television program The Lone Ranger. He always rode in on his white horse Silver to save the day

Most Americans are sick and tired of watching the Middle East drama about Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.  Few Americans want to go to these God forsaken places and chance survival. Yet, already we have several hundred boots on the ground and we are sending more to organize Iraqi troops.

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“David Bowie is” coming to a theater near you

by Chris Narloch

I wish he were going to be there himself, performing his music, but I can settle instead for a long-overdue museum exhibition of the ground-breaking rock star’s fashion and fabulosity, which will be shown in movie theaters via a new documentary entitled “David Bowie is.”

Mark your calendars for for 7:30 p.m. on September 23, when the new documentary “David Bowie is” will be shown locally at the Tower Theatre on Broadway.

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Don’t miss ‘Love Is Strange’ at Tower

by Chris Narloch

This movie has been getting some serious awards-buzz and a lot of critical praise for its realistic depiction of an older gay male couple played by John
Lithgow and Alfred Molina.

Lithgow and Molina play a more-than-middle-aged pair who return to New York City from a honeymoon and find their life upended when one of the men is fired from his lifetime job at a Catholic school for making their longstanding union legal.

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Farm to Fork512

The idea of Farm to Fork eating has certainly hit Sacramento hard. You see and hear it all over town. Usually some of the finest restaurants are touting how they are now, and maybe always have, used this philosophy when creating their menus, but it’s not restricted to only high dollar eateries. It is a way of thinking about what you are eating that not only helps local producers, but also minimizes preservatives and chemicals that our bodies just don’t need. With this issue, we have tapped into some sources about the Farm to Fork movement. Hopefully, you will find them both entertaining and informative.

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