Sonia Braga enters the Oscar race with “Aquarius”

by Chris Narloch

If you want to see the sort of acting that wins praise from critics and gets an actor on the short list of potential Oscar nominees, then you should check out a terrific Brazilian drama now playing at Sacramento’s Tower Theatre.

In “Aquarius,” the great Brazilian actress Sonia Braga (“Kiss of the Spiderwoman”) plays Clara, a proud 65-year-old widow and music critic, who was born into a wealthy and traditional family in Recife, Brazil.

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We Will Overcome - A Personal Response to the Election

by Toom Moon, MFT, The Examined Life

As I write on the Friday afternoon following the election, most of us are still reeling from the results.  Since Wednesday morning, I’ve heard one person after another in my office talk about their shock, grief, and despair, their forebodings about the future, their emerging anger.  

A friend in Michigan who has been with her wife for twenty-five years called to report tearfully that the few domestic partnership rights they had, including health care, will now disappear if their new constitutional amendment stands.

Beyond listening and empathizing, I hardly know how to respond, except to say that I have the same feelings.  In the evening I go home and turn on the television, and the world that the networks seem to take as the real one bears no relationship to the world in which I live.  

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Post Election 2016564

This election has been a hard road for all of us in our community to travel. (As well as out of this community)  Tuesday night was completely shocking and depressing for a quarter of the country. Another quarter is busy patting themselves on the back for getting their country back, and the last half is still sitting around with their collective thumbs up their butts, doing nothing.

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Ernesto’s Mexican Food Is Celebrating 25 Years Serving Sacramento

Our good friends at Ernesto’s Mexican Food are proudly celebrating 25 years in Midtown Sacramento!

In honor of this exciting milestone, they will be having a 25th anniversary party on Friday, November 18th.

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The Big D

Commentary by Mark Segal

The “D” in this title has a double meaning: Damn Republicans, and vote straight Democrat, up and down that ballot.

Here’s the skinny. If a Republican refuses to address your community and its issues, and thus wants to keep you invisible, then he or she should be invisible to us when you go into that voting booth.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Vote like your life, job and home depend on it, because they really do.

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