Health and Body 2015520

This first issue of the year always marks our Health and Body issue, since most of us use the new year to draw our line in the sand and promise, that from here forward, we will be better to ourselves. A very common new years resolution is to work out more, or even begin.

It can be very frustrating, especially in gay culture, to look at all the images of perfect bodies and lose hope. So we are more than pleased to highlight a story about a man’s search to really benefit from the workouts he is doing. You can read all about Shaun-Adrian Chofla’s journey starting on page 11. We hope you will be inspired.

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All New Season of the hit HBO series "Looking"looking

There's more out there in the all new season of the hit HBO series LOOKING starring Jonathan Groff and Frankie J. Alvarez. LOOKING focuses on current gay life in the Bay Area and on themes that everyone, gay and straight, can relate to: falling in love, finding professional fulfillment, forging an identity in a complicated world, and searching for happiness. Don't miss the season premiere Sunday, January 11th at 10pm/9pm Central, only on HBO.

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Lypsinka Rocks The Big Apple - Lypsinka! The Trilogy Review

by Chris Narloch

If you find yourself anywhere near New York City this holiday season, you must not miss the divine goddess of drag known as Lypsinka, who is currently performing three separate shows (!) in repertory, at the Connelly Theater on East Fourth Street, through the first weekend in January only.

Admittedly, as a decades-long fan of Lypsinka, I am biased in my adoration of this singular artist, who has taken the art of ‘drag’ (and lip-synching) to previously unknown heights – even in the crazily-competitive world of female impersonation, she is an original.

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Holiday Cheer - Captured in Pics!519

So much fun stuff, so many great times, and great pictures. Beginning with some local celebrities on the cover! This Christmas day issue highlights some of the great parties that have been going on here in Sacramento this holiday season.

We tried to capture some of the fun in pics, here are just a smattering of them.


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Catch Foxcatcher now playing at Tower Theatre

by Frances Marlatt

“Foxcatcher” is a brutal and serious new drama and character study based largely on real events. This film centers on John Du Pont, played eerily and superbly by Steve Carell.

Du Pont is a mentally ill multi-millionaire who has an intense need to control the people and situations around him. His vast insecurities and need for dominance pair disastrously when he decides to oversee a wrestling team on his own Foxcatcher Farms Estate.

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