See A Movie This Weekend!

By Chris Narloch
There is something for every taste playing at local movie theaters this weekend, including “The Rock” on a rampage, pandas in the wild, and a tribute to computer gamers and gaming.

If you haven’t seen it, “A Quiet Place” is the must-see horror hit that made more than $50 million its first weekend in the U.S. alone -- the best opening ever for a horror movie that isn’t a remake or a sequel.

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Everyone Loves Spring! 598

It’s a given, but even so, that doesn’t make this changing of the season any less amazing. Leaves magically re-appear on what looked like dead trees. Flowers pop up from under the ground and weeds find any new home they can. Spring also brings one of our favorite issues of Outword, our Homes and Gardens issue.

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Here we are, already, at the tail end of March and the beginning of Spring.597

Not a bad place to be. California is getting some much-needed rain, without too terribly much drama, and when the sun comes out, it’s beautiful. So, make sure to take a breather and get out from behind that desk, or off that super-comfy sofa and get outside and enjoy. (Lord knows it will be hot soon enough!)

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Is “A Wrinkle In Time” Any Good?

By Chris Narloch

We shall see if “A Wrinkle In Time” unseats “Black Panther” as the top film at the box office this weekend. I doubt that will happen, but Disney’s latest release should at least come in a strong second to “Panther.”

Believe it or not, there are other movies currently playing in theaters as well, although you wouldn’t know it, given the enormous hype around those two blockbusters. Read on for my latest film reviews.

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Outword's Traveling 2018 Issue is Out Now!596

Sometimes, you just gotta get out of town. Whether it be to India on a fantastic cruise or to lay around a pool in your birthday suit in Palm Springs. So, every year we celebrate that energy with our Traveling issue.

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