Let the Tango Trance Engulf You in a Three Minute Love Affair Tango by the River

It is said that the “Tango Trance” is what happens when the connection between two dancers is VERY good and together they meld with the music and all three become one. When those dancers are same-sex, the trance becomes even more enthralling.

The magical blending of the music, which is the “heart & soul” of Argentine Tango, and the dancers can truly be an otherworldly experience. For most in the L&G community, we could only imagine what it would be like to tango with the love of our life – or the love of our life to be! A new series of Argentine Tango dance lessons may change that, though. Taught by Tango By the River studio owner Donna Williams, and assisted by Claudia, their classes specialize in Social Argentine Tango, a much more subtle creature than often seen on television specials, but still full of elegant and sensual passion.

Social Argentine Tango is based on the connection between the dance partners: the manner in which their bodies communicate. Usually this is a close embrace, in which the torso or upper bodies of the dancers are in contact. This connection creates the channel through which the dancers communicate.

The steps danced are generally more compact in nature, partially due to the crowded dance floors in which the milongas are held. Same-sex milongas (a milonga is a tango dance party) are currently held in Oakland and San Francisco, and all over the country.

Social Argentine Tango has no set step patterns; the character and movement of the dance is determined by the Leader’s imagination and the music. The Follower then responds to what the Leader has “suggested” in the lead.

How well the dancers communicate is what makes the dance feel good (or not) to each partner. Some say that to dance Argentine Tango, is to engage in a “three minute love affair” on the dance floor. When you connect – it feels nothing short of amazing.

To milongueros in Buenos Aires, Argentine Tango is life itself; it’s the air that they breathe and the blood that pumps through their hearts; because of the “Trance,” they say they want to die on the dance floor.

The Beginning Argentine Tango series begins Wednesday, April 7, from 5 to 6 p.m. and continues every Wednesday throughout April. Cost is $50 per person or $90 per couple for the series. Tango by the River is in old Sacramento at 128 J St. For more information, call 916-443-7008 or visit www.RiverTango.com

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