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Carrying the banner of his gay sisters (Rob Halford, Little Richard, Freddy Mercury), Hunx and His Punx is the homoerotic vision of San Francisco-based performer/personality Hunx, aka Seth Bogart, but he is also proving himself a legendary child in his own right, charming gays and squares alike with his live shows and candor.

Hunx’s music pays homage to his varied influences (The Ronettes, The Ramones, Al Pacino's "Cruising"), and his unique style defies genre and serves up equal helpings of 60's girl group, bubblegum pop, and new wave with all of the hallmarks of the Bay Area garage rock scene Seth emerged from.
The seeds for Hunx and His Punx were planted when Seth's friend Nobunny, wrote a batch of songs with the intention of starting a Runaways-esque band made up of high school girls.
"That's why all those songs are about boys and stuff," Hunx says. "But then, he was, like, too creepy or something and couldn't find any girls."
Seth moved on, adding his own songs and lyrics to the collection. While the songs carry their own weight, Seth's voice is the star. His voice is awesome - a nasally seductive combination of a whine and a croon that colors the Gay Singles' vivid stories.
"Gay Singles" will be released via True Panther Sounds February 9, 2010. It compiles all 5 of his sold-out singles released between 2008 and 2009 with a bonus track.
The initial singles were released, and quickly disappeared into the vacuum chamber of eBay speculation. The first pressing of the LP is also now gone into a similar collector’s wormhole. Hunx
Hunx and His Punx are now proud to share a full and widely available release of “Gay Singles” with the world. It’s about time.


But if you cant wait, you can download the new single "You Don't Like Rock 'n Roll" (mp3) HERE


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