The October 25 Issue is Out Now! 467

With this issue we are introducing our very first Pet Issue! All of us here at Outword love a fun visit from a four legged friend. Over the years we have seen Polly, Thack, Dewey, Hurley, Scooter, Betty, Vinnie and even little Roxie in her cute little dresses. Some of those critters we haven’t seen in some time, but Scooter and Betty are with us almost every day - check out page nine!

Elsewhere in this issue we say goodbye to an old friend, ponder the wisdom of dogs, help poor, desperate owners of smelly cats and impress on the importance of getting your pet registered. On page 14 we included pics you sent in of your pet being just so cute - thank you to everyone that sent in a pic.

We’ve also got pictures, pictures, pictures. The Red Dress Party, the AIDS Walk/Run and even SIGLFF. Chris Narloch tells us all about fun and entertaining things that are happening here and all around California and there is even an article about the upcoming Drag Queens on Ice event that will be held at the Downtown Ice rink. This will be its fourth year, and it should be bigger and more fun than ever! (And no, you don’t have to dress in drag, but our hosts will be!)

So, you could scratch like Betty, with fleas, and still come up with lots more stuff in this issue of Outword. But all you have to do is pick one up. No flea collar needed!


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