Post Election 2016564

This election has been a hard road for all of us in our community to travel. (As well as out of this community)  Tuesday night was completely shocking and depressing for a quarter of the country. Another quarter is busy patting themselves on the back for getting their country back, and the last half is still sitting around with their collective thumbs up their butts, doing nothing.


Regardless, the truth is there is a new regime in total control of our country’s government, and they are not friends of the LGBTQI community. That doesn’t mean we should wither and despair, but it does mean that we have many more difficult roads ahead of us, most of them we thought we could put behind us…

Outword Magazine will be here to do what we have always done. Bring you news, politics and even entertainment that is important to our community and relevant to the way we fit into this new world order.

This November 10 issue actually hit the streets on November 8, so there was no way to include any information about the election in it, in case you were wondering. But it does have some pretty great things that have absolutely nothing to do with politics, and the election, and could, maybe, provide a simple, brief distraction that is well needed.

For instance, we have some really great shows coming to town like John Waters, Cirque du Soleil, “Don’t Marry Griff” and more.

Let’s not forget we will have Drag Queens on Ice happening next Thursday, 11/17, at the Downtown Ice Rink, and all the proceeds go to the three charities (of your choosing) that will be in attendance that night. Of course, you don’t need to dress in drag. Fun for the whole family and we welcome everyone. (Just, please, no political attire!)

We here at Outword have been taking a lot of deep breaths and formulating what we can do to make the best of the years to come. We hope you will join us and be part of that process. Now, more than ever, we really are Better Together.

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