The June 23 Issue Is Out Now435 cover

Wow! Who’s that? We have been getting that question a lot since we put the stunningly handsome Ben Cohen on the cover of our latest issue of Outword. Who is he? He’s a former top-scoring British rugby star that has recently retired from the game and has started an anti-bullying foundation.



While you may have a hard time picturing someone bullying this muscle man, there is no denying that having such a public figure (at least in Europe) as a spokesperson can only help bring new light and attention to what we have allowed to happen in our society. Way to go Ben!

Besides, he looks amazing on the cover.

And once you get past the cover, you will find juicy tidbits like a very creepy Reader Phone Pic, some ups and downs at various fundraising events, more on Prop 8, and an update on the story about Seth Parker, the Sacramento man who was assaulted at an Elk Grove bowling alley.

Beyond that there’s a tongue-in-cheek look at PFLAG’s upcoming ice cream social, some new movies, Reno’s pride event, some great performances and, of course, pictures, pictures, pictues!

So even though it’s getting pretty hot out there, drop by your favorite watering hole and pick up a copy of our latest. There’s something for everyone behind that orange cover with that handsome, unknown man on it.


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