The July 12, 2012 Issue (Wheels and Tech) Is Out Now. 460

Famous for its All-Wheel-Drive and station wagon body styles (shock! yes I called an SUV a station wagon), Subaru is throwing a curve past the plate with its new BRZ sports coupe. Designed with the enthusiast driver in mind, instead of the weekend DIY-er, the BRZ promises to pump some youthful energy into a steadfast automotive brand. We take a look.

Wheels and Tech isn’t just about cars though, we report about a new high-tech Home HIV testing kit, water-jet skis that let you soar, an introduction to home-made bio diesel and more.

Elsewhere in the issue look for NOH8 (you could become one of the mondo-cool celebs that have had their picture taken for this great cause), StandUp with Ben Cohen, AIDS and the Challenge of Aging, a Boehner, Karger’s “fat lady sings,” “The Little Mermaid,” fun things at IMAX, Joan Jett... etc, etc, etc.

We also made room for some cool pics, taken by our new photographer on the town, Daniel Villanueva, of the last games of this season’s Gay and Lesbian softball league.

See? Lots of fun stuff just waiting for you to peruse and absorb. Get your copy today, or read it online (always for free) and Thanks for picking us up!


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