Outword’s Romance and Weddings Edition is Out Now. 498

This is a very special issue for us here at Outword. For years we, as a community, have been fighting some very determined people for the right to marry the person we love. California’s battle was especially long, expensive and hateful (on their behalf). But now we are starting to see a huge tide that is turning, and state after state is coming to acknowledge that not having equal marriage rights, is not being equal. So far we are still waiting for the piece of land that houses Fox News to fall into the ocean and disappear forever, but alas, that isn’t happening anywhere.

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Outword’s January 23 Issue is Out Now

With the Holidays well behind us, most of us are slipping back into our daily flow, and such is the case for us here at Outword. We have shaken the sleepy-dust off and have whipped up a pretty darn great issue for your perusal.

The cover is sporting a very clever picture from a performance troop that call themselves Circus Oz. They will be coming to the Mondavi in early February and you can read all about them on page 10 - looks like it’s going to be a great show!

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It’s Good to be Back!496

I won’t lie. The first day back at my desk after our Winter break was not easy, but now that our first issue of 2014 (Health and Body) is on newsstands and available electronically, I am getting back up to a full-stride pace and it feels good.

Our cover celebrates two different Gay Ski events that will be happening in Tahoe in the upcoming weeks. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for some rain and snow though! You can read all about them on page 9.

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The December 12 Issue of Outword is on Newsstands Now!494

Here we are with our last issue of 2013 - because we are taking our Winter break and skipping over our second issue of December. We have done this for several years now, but it still makes folks ask questions. The main reason we do this is that the skipped issue would come out on Christmas day. We know you love us, but are you really going to drop the Xbox One remote and go grab the new issue? The next best reasons, are simply so we can take a breath, clean the piles of papers off our desk (if only for a week or so) and, of course, spend some time with our loved ones during the Holidays and on Christmas. We will be in and around the office if you need something. If we don’t answer right away, just know that we will be back in the office January 2, preparing for our January 9 Health and Body Issue, as we enter our 20th year in business.

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Holiday Shopping Time (part one)493

So, here we are, not even out of November yet, and already shopping for gifts for the upcoming holidays is on everyones mind - and on every TV channel. As we do every year, we have assembled some shopping ideas, and our advertisers have done the same.

This issue is just plumb full of good, even great, ideas for that special someone on your list. This is just the first installment of our Holiday Shopping Guide. The next issue, out on December 12, will have some great last-minute ideas for those that haven’t been able to get out and shop.

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