Margaret Cho on the Cover of Outword!491

We were thrilled when Margaret’s people sent over the promotional pictures of Margaret that they did for the article we ran on page 14 of this issue. We thought the one we used for the cover was a lot of fun. (The bear-skin rug is a fake. We asked.) Margaret is showing off here body art and the cover pic sums her up in the way only she can be. And, if you hurry, you can still get tickets to see her here in Sacramento, at the Crest Theartre November 2nd!

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Nightlife, Food and a Nice Cold Sarsaparilla (FBN)490

Sounds like a darn right good time, huh? Well, that’s what this annual special issue has in store for you. Not only do we have Cher on the cover, and we have a review of her new album inside, but we also have a review of Sir Elton John’s new CD. Does it get any gayer than that?

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Put Your Red Dress On!489

For the second year, the Red Dress Party is coming to Sacramento. Last year’s event was a big success and a whole lot of fun, so be sure to read up about it, and get your ticket! You can read all about it starting on page 9.

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Our Annual Arts and Entertainment Issue is OUT now. 488

We know how much you all love to look at fun pics of people out on the town, so while this issue of Outword is, indeed, our Annual Arts and Entertainment issue, we have also included an entire page of pics from this year’s Rainbow Festival. (As you can see, there were a lot of people that attended.) And that’s where are wonderful cover shot comes from. Charlie took a picture of two local boys and their four-legged best friends and we are happy to have them grace the cover. So be sure to check out the pics on page 20, and if you read us online, they are in color!

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Happy Anniversary Outword Magazine!487

Outword Magazine is going into our 19th year serving the Sacramento LGBT community. (Since before they even called it that!) As we did with our very first issue, and are doing again with this Anniversary issue, we are featuring the Rainbow Festival on the cover, and in the pages within. The cute guy on the cover is Daniel Alexander, who will be performing at Faces Nightclub on August 31. You can check out the details on page 23.

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