Homes and Gardens is Out Now!479

There are few things more satisfying than spending time in that special place you call “home,” whether that be while entertaining with some friends, watching a scary movie late at night or trying to choose a new paint color for the hallway. This is usually the reason our Homes and Gardens Special Issue is always one of our most popular issues of the year.

Our cover model this year is a local businessman, Stephen Crouse, owner of SMC Landscape Design. He agreed to let us take photos of him in his own backyard oasis that he shares with his partner Greg Smith and two wonderful dogs, Joey and Taylor.

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It’s Much Easier Being Green, These Days. 478

Once a year we take a look at things that are green. Some big-time and some just paying attention to the world around you and making smarter, but simple, choices that help our planet. This is that issue.

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Page A for 4-4-13477 page a

Our March 28 issue has been updated featuring an all new Page A with some great pics from Q-Rated, a same sex partner dance review, and also from the first day of the new softball season. The revised edition is available on our online Flip version. Click the image of the cover to check it out.


Look out Sacramento!

Wanda Sykes is coming to town, and our very own Chris Narloch chatted with her about marriage equality, homophobia and stage fright. You can check out his interview with this very funny lady on page 14.

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Our Traveling 2013 issue is Out now!467

Every year, we, along with some of our readers, enjoy bringing you our “Traveling” issue. With their help you can read about adventures from all over the world. This year we highlight Bali, the Westfield Galleria, road trips through Northern California, Yosemite and even Las Vegas. Ok, the Galleria may not be much of a trip for some, but for others, it’s a tank of gas!

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