The May 10 Issue Is Now Available456

One of this year’s Sac Pride performers graces the cover of this issue of Outword Magazine. She is known on RuPaul’s Drag Race as Phi Phi O’hara (Jeremi Carey) and will be in Sacramento to help us celebrate. While the festival isn’t until June 2, we thought you would like to see a sneak peek of the things to come.

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Homes and Gardens 2012 455

This issue is our second most popular issue of the year and it’s no wonder why. There’s nothing like donning the Birkenstocks, flannel shirts and a pair of cargo shorts and going to work on your home.

While we are not HGTV, nor DIY, but we have pulled together some fun stuff, and with the help of our new contractor cover model, some good eye candy too. Ken owns the company Pavers Made Possible and was gracious enough to spend an afternoon doing a photo shoot with our photographer.

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It’s Not Easy Being Green. Or Is It? 454

Our April 12 issue marks our Annual Green Issue, where we dabble on ways for you to help reduce your carbon footprint on this world. And even if your main goal is just to live better, healthier lives, we have some stuff in this issue for that too.

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HBO's "Game of Thrones"game

Once in a while a made-for-TV show will come along and catch my interest, otherwise I watch very little. The last one that caught my interest was HBO’s “True Blood,” soon to come out with season five, but much more recently a friend introduced me to HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” After watching a couple of episodes I was hooked.

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2012 Annual Travel Issue452

There’s nothing quite like a gay cruise, or even a gay vacation. Knowing you are with others, like yourself, is a very comforting thing. We made our intrepid publisher, Fred, go on a week-long gay cruise around Italy, take pictures along the way, then made him write about it. (Poor Fred!) Check out page 14 for his wrap up of the cruise put on by Source Events.

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