Post Election 2016564

This election has been a hard road for all of us in our community to travel. (As well as out of this community)  Tuesday night was completely shocking and depressing for a quarter of the country. Another quarter is busy patting themselves on the back for getting their country back, and the last half is still sitting around with their collective thumbs up their butts, doing nothing.

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Pets, Pets and Moore Pets!563

Always one of our favorite issues! We asked you to send in your favorite pet image, and you did in spades, and so our first place winner is here on the cover. Scamp, by Jayne Moore. Not all of them would fit in the magazine, so we posted some online as well. Be sure to check out page 15 and the web link on it to see more great pet pics.

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Palm Springs, getting ready for its closeup. 562

Winter is a good time to flee south to the desert town of Palm Springs, and Ed Walsh gives a nice rundown of things that make this small California city iconic. Check it out on page 17.

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SIGLFF • Stage • Movies • Music • Festivals561

So much more.

This issue is Outword’s 21st Annual Arts and Entertainment issue, and it is always a pleasure to produce, but as Sacramento grows into a full-featured, cosmopolitan, California city in its own right, the words of our Arts Editor, Chris Narloch, express, so perfectly, how we feel…

“As Outword’s Arts Editor, I know how fortunate I am to get to enjoy all the plays, movies and concerts that I routinely get to write about and review. It’s an honor to cover the arts in Sacramento at a time when they seem to be thriving locally.”

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Outword’s Farm to Fork 2016 Issue560

One of our favorite issues of the year. (We love to eat great food..!) It is Farm to Fork month here in Sacramento, and we love helping them get the Word Out. Look for articles that will appeal to the Foodie, and the Wine-Lover, in you, inside this issue. Be sure to check out the Farm to Fork article, and their web site, for all the great things the city has planned, you can find it on page 14.

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