Pictures, pictures, pictures! 699

Some of the best things about Pride celebrations are all the happy-people pics that come from them. We have always enjoyed bringing you just a few of those pics in our Pride wrap up issue — this year included. In fact, the colorful, new cover is a photo snapped by our own Chris Allan at Sonoma Pride.

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Welcome to Pride Month!698

This is the second, of three, Pride themed issues for us. We are lovingly referring to this one as California Pride! This year there are several Pride events that are all happening this coming weekend, and we have included info on them. See the cover for Pride events and the corresponding pages where you will find information about the events you are interested in. Of course, that’s not all you will find in this issue..!

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Welcome to Outword’s First 2022 Pride Issue!697 sac pride issue cover

Where does the time go? Can you believe it’s Pride month already? And not a moment too soon! With the awful headlines confronting us, daily, we could all use some good news…and some Pride!

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Cirque du Soleil is Coming Back to Sacramento!696 cover

Sacramento will once again be able to enjoy the spectacle and wonder that is what Cirque du Soleil is all about! Returning with their classic show, “Alegria” for a limited time only. Be sure to check out the details and a couple of pictures from the show on page 13.

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Not All Heroes Wear Capes, At Least Not All the Time!695 cover

And not all heroes live in Metropolis. Some live right here in beautiful Sacramento. For instance, there is Johnathan Cameron, AKA Taryn Thru-U, who is having a birthday very soon, that works tirelessly to help others by donning some makeup, a lovely dress and lip syncing for his life. Or something like that. What we surely know is everyone loves him, but no one wants to cross her… Check out their tale on page 10.

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