Our March 26, 2020 Issue is Available Now Online645

With this very special issue of Outword, and we have worked hard to pull together a Resource Guide for the Sacramento community. This guide goes beyond whether you are L, B, G, T, Q etc., and our purpose for this issue is to try to help you, the reader, because you are human, to be safe and informed and even provide opportunities that allow you to help our town as we face these trying times. (We can squabble about other things later)

Obviously, you know we could never include everything there is to know and do, so, if you are a service provider, or have information you would like to share, please contact us. If you are in need of some the help listed here, please call and get some - everyone needs a helping hand at one, or two, times in your life.

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Outword’s March 12, 2020 Issue is Out Now!644

Traveling is something that pretty much everyone enjoys. Seeing new places, meeting people of different cultures and backgrounds, and just getting away from our norms can be an enlightening experience. Our Traveling issue has been on the books for this time each year, but we would like our readers to know that it is with sad irony that the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all, and especially those that are traveling. Please take precautions as you venture out of your homes but remember, we are all in this together. There is no one to blame for the virus, and no culture to point fingers at.

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The February 27 Issue of Outword is Out Now 643

This issue’s cover image is of a pop sensation, by way of Singapore, named Wils. He is one of several singers that have some great “Love Jams” poised to help you enjoy the warmer weather and the season which, often times, has romance in the air. Check out the details on page 27.

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Super Special and Super Big 38 page special issue!642 cover

With a hint of Spring in the air, there's always the chance for love and romance, maybe even a wedding, and that’s what this issue is all about. Ok, maybe not ALL about, but mostly – and all the other stuff is pretty darn good as well.

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Bent to the Task Debuts at Railroad Museum

An imaginative new exhibit titled “Bent to the Task: The Industrial Art of Ray Carrington” captures the force and spirit of the faceless millions who built America’s industrial past in a new exhibit at the California State Railroad Museum & Foundation.

Thirty-five intriguing sculptures are showcased in the exhibit, all created from repurposed scrap and rail materials – such as hand tools, railroad spikes and track plates – that the local artist collected decades ago from abandoned railroad logging and sawmills in Northern California.

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