Just in Time for the Gift Giving Season709 cover

The new Sacramento edition of Monopoly is here for hours of family fun. To say that that we, here at Outword Magazine, are beyond thrilled to be on the Chance square would be a total understatement! Check out all the details on page 20 and the pics of the reveal party on page 18. There are several places here in town where you can purchase your own copy, or you can order it online from Amazon or directly from the game company – also look for some that will be given away at Outword’s Happy Hour on December 9 at Badlands (which is also our annual Toy Drive for WEAVE). Again, all the details are inside this issue of Outword.

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Workers in Only Six of 58 Professions Can Easily Afford to Buy a Home in the Sacramento Area
by Seth Sandronsky

In the Sacramento metropolitan area, workers in only six of 58 professions can easily afford to buy a home with their annual salaries.

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The November 10 issue of Outword is Out Now!708 cover

As we approach the Holiday Season, more and more things are being offered for us to do and see. Live shows, movies and restaurants are all enjoying having crowds return to patronize them. This is happening all over the city and we will keep you updated, as best we can, so you can check it all out.

When we discovered what was happening for the holidays down on R Street, we had to pass along that information. Be sure to check out those details on page 9, and a big "Thank You" goes to The Snug and photographer Anna Wick, for the beautiful and delicious-looking cover photo!

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Outword’s Annual Pet Issue is Out Now!707 pets

You just gotta love Buster! He is the little gent gracing the cover of this new issue of Outword. His mom, Linda, snapped the shot shortly after adopting him. It’s a very cute picture and is the winner of this year’s Pet Photo Contest! Be sure to see most of the entries we received this year, along with this pic, starting on page 14. (And a great big Thank You to everyone that submitted an image and a sentence. We had a great crop to choose from!)

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The October 13 Issue of Outword is Out Now!706 cover

The days are getting shorter, the mornings are much brisker and refreshing. Soon the leaves will start turning colors and falling to the ground. It’s all very Autumnal. And we love it! Sacramento in the Fall is so beautiful, and there are so many things to do. As always, this spanking new issue of Outword will highlight some of those fun things. Take a look.

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