Chadwick Boseman / Farm to Fork Annual Issue, is Out Now!656

That sounds funny to say, huh? This, like our many other themed issues, have been on our schedule for this whole year, for sure, but also for prior years as well. All of us here at Outword love the Farm to Fork issue. Not just because we love to eat fresh, delicious food, but there is a real sense of pride at what our city has accomplished over the years, and we have shown the world just how much we can do with the resources available to us.

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25 Years Old. Wow! Come Celebrate With Us (safely, of course)!655

About a year ago we put on the Outword company calendar that we would be throwing a big party right about now to celebrate our 25 years of serving the LGBTQ+ community. And it has been truly our pleasure. But, like the last 25 years, going forward will continue to mean more learning, more giving and, hopefully, a lot more loving. Please join us.

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Welcome Back, to The Chicks!6554

There are few groups, of any kind, that have taken the brunt of the right-wing spin machine, and survived it, like The Chicks (formerly known as The Dixie Chicks). Their whole world changed because of one, simple First Amendment-authorized comment that was made onstage while performing in Europe. The right pounced! They were eager to give their base something to hate, a common goal to divert attention away from the failing president. Sound familiar? Well this was almost 20 years ago, and while the playing field was comprised of different players, but we were certainly forewarned about things to come. Fortunately, the women of The Chicks emerged from this attack stronger, more aware and more creative than ever. To this day they are a force to be reckoned with politically and musically, and all the while a creative team that isn’t afraid to sing the truth. That is why they grace (beautifully) the cover of our newest issue. Check out what they are up to on page 16.

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Welcome to our Annual Best Of issue, C19 Style653 cover

Over the years a lot of our questions have been  about things to do and places to go. Now with stay at home orders, we tried to bring out some of the good that those orders have done, and what was, maybe, accomplished by having some time just mulling around the homestead. We also send out a big shout out to everyone that took a few minutes to lend their voice to this survey. It is always good to hear from you! You can read the results on pages 14 and 15.

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Our Annual Wheels and Tech Issue is Out Now!652 wheels cover

Let’s be clear. Not all of us in the LGBTQ+ community can be fabulous. Some of us are fabulous AND nerdy. And this is the Outword issue for you! Welcome to our annual Wheels and Tech issue! With this issue we try to touch on nerdy (in a good way) things that might interest some of us, who just happen to be LGBTQ+. Cars, computer gear, audio equipment, SUVs and even classic automobiles. This issue has it all!

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