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The April 23 Issue of Outword is Online Now!647

The Corona virus continues to alter the way we live and many fear that we are not even close to seeing all the changes that are heading our way. One of those changes is that most now agree that wearing a face mask is a good preventative measure. So we thought we would ask for readers, and the like, to send us a pic of themselves, wearing their custom face mask, or even just a regular one, worn with style. We have a fun selection of local folks, and even some celebrities, all donning their protective gear. We are lovingly calling them Face Mask Heroes! You can see the pics starting on page 26.

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Welcome to our second All-Digital issue of Outword Magazine 646

Since digital allows us a bit more "elbow" room, we have taken full advantage of that and have this 54 page publication to present to you! It's full of useful, helpful, even uplifting information about our situation, and how to make it to the other side. Plus, don't miss the hauntingly beautiful images captured by our readers, starting on page 28.

Read more: Outword's 4-9-2020 Issue is Out Now!


Our March 26, 2020 Issue is Available Now Online645

With this very special issue of Outword, and we have worked hard to pull together a Resource Guide for the Sacramento community. This guide goes beyond whether you are L, B, G, T, Q etc., and our purpose for this issue is to try to help you, the reader, because you are human, to be safe and informed and even provide opportunities that allow you to help our town as we face these trying times. (We can squabble about other things later)

Obviously, you know we could never include everything there is to know and do, so, if you are a service provider, or have information you would like to share, please contact us. If you are in need of some the help listed here, please call and get some - everyone needs a helping hand at one, or two, times in your life.

Read more: Our March 26, 2020 Issue is Available Now Online


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