Sacramento’s New Lavender Courtyard Keeps Its Promise of Safe, Comfortable Housing  for LGBTQ Seniors

Words by by Rachel Leibrock
Photos by Salgu Wissmath

New affordable living facility serves LGBTQ residents — a group that historically has faced a high rate of housing discrimination.
Michael Ryan is ready to focus on himself. And he’s found the perfect place to finally do just that.

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Visibility Matters | Trans Day of Visibility transday

By Alexis Sanchez

Director of Advocacy and Training
Sacramento LGBT Community Center

Visibility is a double-edged sword for transgender people. We see this playing out as openly transgender people are being elevated to statehouses and federal offices and taking major roles in television in cinema. While some of the community are seeing opportunities that weren’t available a decade ago, others are being disproportionally affected as this new visibility has made them the target of hate and attempts to legislate them out of existence. Visibility can be dangerous for those of us who live in conservative states, or those with intersecting marginalized identity.

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