Desert Days, a Serialized Novel, Chapter 2

By Rocco Sargent

The following chapter of the serial novel, Desert Days, is R-rated and not appropriate for the young or impressionable. For an even more explicit, X-rated version, buy the latest batch of chapters on Amazon for your Kindle Reader.

Chapter 1 Recap:

Jason is busy working on the construction site when he met Rick, a local reporter nosing around for a story. After some flirtations, Jason offers up an open invitation for a beer together at the pub across the street. (Read the full chapter here)

Chapter Two

Jason was tired. Despite the minor flirtation with the reporter, the day had been long and hard. “I wish I had something else that was long and hard,” he joked to himself as he clocked out and walked off the construction site.

The street in front of both construction sites was lined with pick-up trucks -- the car of choice for most guys in constructions. When there wasn’t a big job like this, there were always small jobs that required you have your own truck and tools.

Jason scanned the street for his white truck. The days of the week blurred together and Jason wanted to leave his jacket in his truck and start to work on that beer. He was so tired he didn’t even care if the reporter showed up tonight. “He knows that’s an open invitation.”

Jason spotted his truck in front of the bar. He crossed the street but stopped in his tracks. Someone had left a tool box on the sidewalk next to an empty parking space. It was an easy mistake to make after a long week. Jason approached the box looking for any kind of name on the outside of the box. Most guys put their names on toolboxes; Jason even had his name on his yellow, metal lunch box.

No name on the outside. He squatted down and opened the box. Sure enough, there was the name -- Jim Baker. And on the inside of the cover there was a sticker with the “Atlas Construction” name and logo.

Looking inside the box, Jason noticed some of the best brand names in tools. “These tools are easily worth a couple hundred dollars,” Jason thought. Unless he brought the box over to the site right now, Jim Baker would be worrying all weekend.

“Damn it,” Jason said out loud. He knew that he was going to have to bring this over to the Atlas site and give it to somebody. He hadn’t stepped foot on an Atlas Construction site for five years, but he knew he was going to today.

Jason stood up and dropped his own lunch box in the back of his pick-up truck. He picked up the abandoned tool box and headed over to the Atlas site.

The Atlas site for the new casino was quiet on this Friday night at 5 pm. Because the museum had to be finished before the casino could open, there wasn’t much pressure for the casino construction to stay on a tight schedule. Plus, the museum was a more complicated job. The casino would be vast open spaces for slot machines and card tables -- easier to build than the intimate and intricate displays of a museum.

Jason knocked on the door of the trailer used by the boss for his office.

“Yeah,” came the voice from inside. Jason opened the door and stepped inside.

A man with a shaved head and unshaven face sat behind the desk. When he looked up and saw Jason, he smiled and said, “If you are looking for work, you can fill out the papers on the back of the door. I am always looking for good guys.”

Jason was surprised by the good attitude. “I work at the museum site next door…”

The boss interrupted, “Well that’s a little tricky. I don’t want to be seen as…”

Now Jason interrupted, “No, no, no. I found this box on the street. I think it belongs to one of your guys. Jim Baker.”

Jason put the box down on a table in the middle of the room and opened the box. “See here,” he said.

The boss stood up and crossed over to Jason, looking at the name inside the box. As soon as he was close, Jason could smell the lingering after shave from the morning and the musky collection of sweat after a long day. He also noticed the thick meaty arms and scruffy facial hair. “Stop it,” he said to himself. “No more construction guys.”

But then the boss smiled. And looked Jason in the eyes. Jason’s stomach sank. “I wouldn’t mind fucking an Atlas boss, though,” he thought.

“That’s nice of you,” the boss said. “A lot of guys would have just taken the box.”

“Well, I’m not like most guys.” And as Jason said it, he knew it was too forward. A thin line of sweat broke out along his forehead and he eyed the door for a quick escape.

“We need more guys like you around. What’s your name? I’m Jack,” the boss said extending a thick arm towards Jason. Jack looked directly into Jason’s eyes and smirked.

“Jay.” Jason liked using a shorter name when he was cruising for guys. And apparently he was.

“Feel free to come by and apply  for a job here if you get tired of working on that museum,” Jack said. He still hadn’t let go of Jason’s hand.

Jason looked down and noticed a faint ink mark on the back of Jack’s hand. If he hadn’t had the same mark on his own hand a hundred times, he wouldn’t have known what it was. It was a hand stamp of a bear used by a local gay club for Thursday night Bears Night.

Now Jason clamped onto Jack’s hand tighter. He turned Jack’s hand so the bear was easier to see in the dim, evening light. “Late night Thursday?” he said. “I don’t know why Connections uses that ink. Won’t ever come off.” Connections in the neighboring town. He let Jack’s hand go.

Now it was Jack’s turn to sweat a little. He opened his mouth to speak. Jason was enjoying the moment. He thought he would make it a little more awkward. Jason reached down and adjusted his own cock and balls. He was doing it as a tease but his package was getting bigger thanks to Jack’s sweaty brow.

[edited for explicit content]

Jack sat back and swallowed hard. He wiped his mouth with the back of his left hand and smiled. “I didn’t expect that today.” And as he did it, Jason noticed the gold band on Jack’s hand.

As a rule, Jason didn’t screw around with married guys. Or partnered guys. He was about to point out the ring, when someone banged on the office door. Both Jack and Jason jumped up.

Jason quickly put his cock away while Jack took the seat behind the desk. As if they had planned it, Jason grabbed a clipboard with a job application and started filling it out. The door automatically unlocked as Jason turned the knob.

Jim Baker stepped inside. “Anybody find a tool box around here?”


For more on Jason, Jack, Fergus and the rest, buy the latest batch of chapters of Desert Days on Amazon for your Kindle Reader. Rocco Sargent is the nom-de-plume for a freelance writer who lives with his partner in both France and California.


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