CasioKids Make U.S. Debut with New HitCasioKids

With Casiokids, even if you don't understand the words, you'll soon find that the music speaks for itself.

Hailing from the same celebrated Bergen scene that has produced Datarock and Annie, Casiokids were so-named for the beat-up old keyboards with which the band members first conceived their club-ready sound.

Formed with the intention of making electronic music more visual, the band has since added guitar and drums to produce a collection of incredibly catchy tunes often sung in their native Norwegian and influenced by afro-beat, techno and out-and-out pop.


The band was discovered by former tour mates (and now labelmates) of Montreal, and puts on a theatrical live show -- incorporating a blend of shadow puppets, video projections and animal costumes -- that is not to be missed.

Whether playing for the truly young (as during a 12-date kindergarten tour in Norway) or the young at heart (at almost all of Europe's largest festivals and on tour with Hot Chip), Casiokids generate the kind of unrestrained party mood that inevitably transforms any audience into a joyous, dancing mass. Casio

The quintet has announced the release of their US debut with Polyvinyl!  Featuring the first Norwegian-language pop music ever to be released in the U.S. Topp stemning på lokal bar (loosely translated to "Great vibe at local bar") will be released on June 8.

You can download the first song “Finn Bijkken."

To pre-order the CD/2xLP

Casiokids has previously released music in Europe via Moshi Moshi, both as part of the label's renowned "Singles Club" and as a series of double A-sided 7"s. Eight tracks of the band's expansive catalog have been hand selected for their debut US release with Polyvinyl, and are accompanied by a bonus disc of new material (including six remixes and two covers).

Be sure to catch them on their US tour down to this year's SXSW 2010.



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