Sacramento Based Novel is Full of Twists and Local FlavorNaked Dick

Reviewed by Michael Colby

It’s not that often that a murder mystery gets set in Sacramento, and even less so for a gay themed murder mystery. So it is especially gratifying that former Sacramentan Geno Azevedo’s exciting first novel is set practically in our backyard.

Naked Dick: the Cosumnes River Murder follows Tony Felice, a private investigator in San Diego, who is packed and ready to head to Palm Springs for the White Party when a call from his boss forces a change in plans.

A young man has died in suspicious circumstances at a men’s retreat in the Sierra foothills. Since the boss pretty much won’t take no for an answer, Tony changes his plans and boards a flight for Sacramento.
Since the investigation will take place at a nudist event, he doesn’t need to pack much.


Tony’s challenge is to uncover the perpetrator at a place where it seems that no one should have anything to hide. All those naked men could prove distracting as well.

Naked Dick: the Cosumnes River Murder is available online and is also available at the Lavender Library in Sacramento, 1414 21st St.


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