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From time to time we get notices from bands and promoting their new CDs or tours, and offering free MP3 downloads or links to streaming

Here in no particular order are some of the latest:


American Idol Finalist offers Free MP3 DownloadLee DeWyze

It’s easy to see that AMERICAN IDOL top finalist and Chicago native LEE DeWYZE is not only being hailed as the next Daughtry, but is garnering amazing praise from the AMERICAN IDOL judges.

DeWYZE has two previously released records, Slumberland and So I’m Told. The collaboration is an evocative, haunting mix of multi-instrumental, multi-faceted songs whose artistry draws comparison to Jack Johnson and Chris Martin.

You can download a free MP3 from the CD, The Beautiful People

Shout Out LoudsWalls

The Swedish indie-rock quintet are excited to offer the Fontän Rework of their acclaimed single "Walls."

As a remix of a song that Esquire Magazine recently named "Perfect Pop Song of the Month" for March, the Rework by Fontän, an acclaimed Swedish duo, is an electronic and progressive take on the track that compliments and builds on the exuberance of the original.

Download the Free MP3 Fontän Rework of Shout Out Louds' Walls

Sycamore FeelingSycamore Feeling

Danish electronic artist Trentemøller has just released the first single, "Sycamore Feeling," off of his upcoming sophomore album, Into the Great Wide Yonder.

"Sycamore Feeling" is foggy, off-kilter, and unsettlingly seductive, and features guest vocals from Danish singer Marie Fisker. As a first single, it sets a moody tone, a premonition of what's yet to come.

Give it a listen, or download a free MP3 of Sycamore Feeling


Deer Tick shares first MP3 from The Black Dirt SessionsDeer Tick

Recorded late last year at Black Dirt Studios in upstate New York, The Black Dirt Sessions is a deeply personal record from Deer Tick and most especially from lead vocalist and songwriter John McCauley.

It is the sound of a band coming into its own, finding its voice and pouring its collective heart out, especially in the single "20 Miles."

Get a free MP3 download of 20 Miles or visit the Deer Tick website


I Don't Wanna Lose YouRooney

The LA abased band Rooney is celebrating their frreedom from major labels with the release of "I Don't Wanna Lose You," a blissful and breezy pop song from their upcoming album, EUREKA, out June 8th on California Dreaming Records.

Get a Free MP3 of I Don't Wanna Lose You

Produced and crafted entirely by the band, EUREKA is the follow-up to the bands two critically acclaimed albums - ROONEY & CALLING THE WORLD - and spotlights their gift to craft intelligent and stimulating rock songs full of melodic hooks, reverberating guitars and heartfelt harmonies.


... and they have escaped the weight of darknessOlafur

Icelandic neo-classical artist Ólafur Arnalds has made the first single off his upcoming album available for mp3 download! ‪The track, "Þú ert sólin,"‬ translates to "you are the sun," and Oli just posted it via the Erased Tapes.

Bet you can't say it, but download "Þú ert sólin," here, and then relax!


A worrier, childhood choir member, and unfocused student of many instruments, Sebastian Krueger marries the darker ornaments of baroque pop with lo-fi intimacy. Far from his Wisconsin roots and perfunctory piano lessons, he works out of a small Brooklyn apartment as Inlets, incubating songs over the course of months and creating short, dusty suites.
Give him a listen:
MP3: "In Which I, Robert" - STREAM the entire album: VIDEO: "Bright Orange Air" -

Beach FossilsBeach Fossils

The jangly, self recorded ramblings of Brooklyn's Dustin Payseur, Beach Fossils offers hauntingly catchy tunes that blend the energy of an impulsive road trip with the melodious wandering of a lucid dream. Sun drenched riffs, kaleidoscopic rhythms and hazy lyrics saturate Beach Fossils' first release, the album's carefree vibe is perfectly summed up through song titles such as "Daydream," "Vacation," and "Lazy Day."

The band's only previous release is the "Daydream" single, released earlier this year, also via Captured Tracks.

To download a FREE mp3 of their new Release, click Youth, or click Video.


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