Birthday Pie Is A Tasty Treat from Beginning to EndBirthday Pie

Arthur Wooten’s third novel, Birthday Pie, has taken a twenty year journey to reach its readers. Options to have the book produced as a movie have slowed things down, but it is now available, and as Debbie Allen said, "Birthday Pie is one of the most original, relevant and touching stories I have ever read."

From the author of the critically acclaimed novels On Picking Fruit and Fruit Cocktail, Birthday Pie tells the story of  Lex Martindale, a gay New York City writer, who goes home to celebrate his birthday and say good-bye to his dying father, but also struggles with whether or not to share with his family the news of his own life-threatening situation.
As Wooten takes you through seventy years of the Martindales’ rich and colorful history, unearthing forbidden loves, shattered hopes and tenacious dreams, he leads you to realize that this reunion is a volatile turning point in all of their lives. But as anger, resentments and jealousies erupt to the surface, it’s their laughter and irreverent sense of humor that prevails allowing for a quiet healing in this bittersweet, moving portrait, of the all-American family.

Birthday Pie was first written as a play back in 1991,” said Wooten as his novel was being prepared for launch. “Immediately it was optioned as a feature film, a television series and a play.”

As often happens though, the project languished within the fickle entertainment world. The ptions expired, but several years later the play version won the Key West Theatre Festival competition. It had its world premiere at the Waterfront Playhouse to critical acclaim and shortly afterwards Wooten penned the novel adaptation, which then attracted Hollywood and once more it was optioned as a film, with an A-list actress and director attached.

But the roller coaster ride continued and unfortunately, the production company that optioned the movie has since gone bankrupt and the film rights are free again.

Wooten laughs. “You’d think after all these years I’d be tired of Birthday Pie and all the ups and downs we’ve had. Hey, I could write a book about how to make millions optioning your writing.”

For a moment he looks serious, probably pondering that germ of an idea and then smiles. “But I’m extremely proud of the novel adaptation. And I love these characters. They’re more relevant today than ever before.”

Birthday Pie is now available everywhere online and at your favorite bookstores.


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