New Book Offers Queer Answers for Straight's QuestionsQueer Questions Straight Talk

Straight people may often have questions they’d like to ask their LGBT friends, family members or acquaintances, but don’t quite know how to put them in words, often because they fear being offensive. Similarly, many times, lesbian, gay and bisexual people may not know exactly how to answer those questions.

Abby Dees has come to the rescue. Her new book, Queer Questions Straight Talk, was written to assist with both questions and answers. Her book works to bridge the communication gap between those worlds.
"This book is a permission slip to go ahead and talk to each other -- it comes out of my fundamental belief that if you ask from a place of love and respect, there are no stupid questions," said Dees.

Dees wrote the book drawing from her own experience as a lesbian and many of the conversations she's had over the years with straight friends, coworkers and loved ones. In fact, Dees worked closely with her mom on the book, reflecting on much of the dialogue they've had around various topics. Abby Dees

"I used to think that my mom didn't ask about my life as a lesbian because she didn't want to know,” said Dees. “I finally learned that she just didn't want to pry. How many more people have that same misunderstanding? This is where QQST can really help."

Queer Questions Straight Talk is filled with questions that people may want to ask, but don’t know how. The book also gives examples of answers to those questions. Abby understands that much of effective communication starts with the questions and has focused much of the book on those questions.

“The point is not to get everyone to agree, but to understand one another a little better,” said Dees.

Dees currently tours various parts of the country discussing the book on radio, print and television media. She also leads discussion groups at various bookstores where she is able to talk with the public and answer questions about the book.

Dees is working to build bridges and break down communication barriers to help ease the social anxiety that exists around these issues. She is also saddened by the bullying and teen suicides we continue to hear about. Abby believes that so much of what's happening starts with adults, and any book that gets adults talking to one another in a civilized manner can be of benefit to society in general.

QQST is serious, fun, cheeky, deep and wise – and every once in a while a little bit naughty. If you're ready to start the conversation with someone you care about, whether you're straight, lesbian, gay or bi, QQST is your indispensable guide. For more information about Abby Dees or Queer Questions Straight Talk please visit


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