Photographer Captures the Fine Art of Sex

Tom Bianchi is not the kind of man who thinks in rigid categories. He’s finding inspiration for his art in everyday life, pulsing and rushing right around him.

When he grabs his camera he’s always more than just an observer: He’s a part of the sensual, erotic goings‐on which he captures in his stunning photographs. His pictures are impassionate stills, charged with energy and sex, intuitive and without any distance. And wouldn’t you know: People just love his stuff, his photo books are constant bestsellers.


His newest volume FINE ART SEX sets the spot on the aesthetic aspects of impulsive sex.

Bianchi photographs his muscular hunks while they enjoy the sturdy type of sexual encounters. Like no other artist Bianchi is capable of capturing the rough and spontaneous energy that the sex between two men sets free.

Strength and tenderness, ecstasy and intimacy—these are the poles between which his work expands.

The pictures in FINE ART SEX point out, what gay men probably have discovered and lived before others did: that sex is a part of who we really are. Well, he couldn’t have found a better source of inspiration for his art.

Tom Bianchi lives in sunny southern California. After working as an attorney he turned to painting, moved on to sculpture and finally photography. His works are exhibited and celebrated all over the world.

Tom Bianchi's FINE ART SEX is 120 pages, full color, hardcover and will be released in June, and will be available from online booksellers or from


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