The New 60: Outliving Yourself and Reinventing a Future

by Robert Levithan (ISBN 1468009893)

Robert Levithan shows how the author’s youthful spirit and positive attitude have kept him from fearing old age. Levithan represents a unique demographic as an HIV+ gay man who was expected to die 20 years ago. Not only has Levithan survived and thrived, but he has also created an exciting life that embraces the challenges of aging.

Levithan describes his work as a book about aging in the 21st century. “We are free to choose the quality of our life, yet we sometimes approach aging with a fearful attitude,” he says. Throughout “The New 60,” he shows how his life experiences have given him the strength to age with vitality and grace.

He was diagnosed with HIV in 1984, and 10 years later, Levithan’s immune system crashed. He won a lottery in 1995 to receive compassionate-usage access to the first workable medicinal cocktail, and as his immune system strengthened, he rebuilt his life. Levithan explains to readers how he had been in survival mode since he was 35—and what a big deal it was even approaching his 50s let alone his 60s!

“I’ve lived an unusual life. I have survived AIDS without damage,” Levithan says. “My family has experienced murder, suicide, overdose and other tragedies. The difficulties have also been opportunities to learn and strengthen. I am living a full life at 60. I want gay men to not fear turning 60, and to know that we do not have a shelf life.”

Levithan believes that by sharing his experiences, the joys and struggles, he can help others realize that life is full of heartache, pain, pleasure and happiness. “The New 60” demonstrates that we need to embrace the challenges along the way in order to live a full life.

“The New 60: Outliving Yourself and Reinventing a Future” is available for sale online at and other sites.

About the Author: Robert Levithan is a psychotherapist and writer who has written articles for various publications in the arts and entertainment fields, such as Oprah at Home, and Levithan is currently a contributor to The Huffington Post and The Good Men Project Magazine. He is co-chair of the Board for Friends In Deed, The Crisis Center for Life-Threatening Illness, in SoHo. He resides in New York.



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