The New 60: Outliving Yourself and Reinventing a Future

by Robert Levithan (ISBN 1468009893)

Robert Levithan shows how the author’s youthful spirit and positive attitude have kept him from fearing old age. Levithan represents a unique demographic as an HIV+ gay man who was expected to die 20 years ago. Not only has Levithan survived and thrived, but he has also created an exciting life that embraces the challenges of aging.

Levithan describes his work as a book about aging in the 21st century. “We are free to choose the quality of our life, yet we sometimes approach aging with a fearful attitude,” he says. Throughout “The New 60,” he shows how his life experiences have given him the strength to age with vitality and grace.

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Photographer Captures the Fine Art of Sex

Tom Bianchi is not the kind of man who thinks in rigid categories. He’s finding inspiration for his art in everyday life, pulsing and rushing right around him.

When he grabs his camera he’s always more than just an observer: He’s a part of the sensual, erotic goings‐on which he captures in his stunning photographs. His pictures are impassionate stills, charged with energy and sex, intuitive and without any distance. And wouldn’t you know: People just love his stuff, his photo books are constant bestsellers.

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New Book Offers Queer Answers for Straight's QuestionsQueer Questions Straight Talk

Straight people may often have questions they’d like to ask their LGBT friends, family members or acquaintances, but don’t quite know how to put them in words, often because they fear being offensive. Similarly, many times, lesbian, gay and bisexual people may not know exactly how to answer those questions.

Abby Dees has come to the rescue. Her new book, Queer Questions Straight Talk, was written to assist with both questions and answers. Her book works to bridge the communication gap between those worlds.

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Birthday Pie Is A Tasty Treat from Beginning to EndBirthday Pie

Arthur Wooten’s third novel, Birthday Pie, has taken a twenty year journey to reach its readers. Options to have the book produced as a movie have slowed things down, but it is now available, and as Debbie Allen said, "Birthday Pie is one of the most original, relevant and touching stories I have ever read."

From the author of the critically acclaimed novels On Picking Fruit and Fruit Cocktail, Birthday Pie tells the story of  Lex Martindale, a gay New York City writer, who goes home to celebrate his birthday and say good-bye to his dying father, but also struggles with whether or not to share with his family the news of his own life-threatening situation.

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A Funny Time to Be Gay Released as E-book

What's new for readers in 2011?  For fans of gay humor books, Simon & Schuster has announced the Jan. 11, 2011, release date for the e-book edition of "A Funny Time to Be Gay: Hilarious Gay & Lesbian Comedy Routines from Trailblazers to Today's Headliners" by Ed Karvoski Jr.

Just a few months after the book was originally released in January of 1997, the cover of TIME magazine pictured Ellen DeGeneres with the headline, "Yep, I'm Gay!"

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