Lesbian military novel published: The Half Life of Sgt. Jen Hunter

As the military gay ban known as Don't Ask, Don't Tell nears its end, a new novel about life as a lesbian in the military is available on Amazon.com as both a print book and an electronic book on Kindle. . It will also be available at Chicago's Women & Children First Bookstore by Jan. 15.

The Half Life of Sgt. Jen Hunter, by lesbian journalist Tracy Baim, takes paces during the first Gulf War, in the early 1990s, prior to the compromise DADT law. The military banned all gays and lesbians from service, but tens of thousands bravely served their country.

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Inflexible Religion, Sexual Orientation and Controversial Reparative Treatments Clash in Author’s Second Novel

Is homosexuality part of a person’s inherent nature or is it a choice. Is it identity, or merely behavior? Can it be cured? Should a cure be imposed? Are extreme measures like hypnosis, drugs, aversion therapy and shock treatments acceptable methods? Does devotion to rigid theological beliefs matter more than parental love?

These are just a few of the questions driving the action and characters in Bill Prickett’s second novel, The Mind Set on the Flesh.  It’s a story of violence, deception and manipulation in the name of religion. But what happens when the truth comes to light?

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hidden, by Tomas Mournian

When Ahmed’s parents send him to the gay-to-straight bootcamp, Serenity Ridge, it’s with one goal: to “fix” their son, at any cost. But after eleven months of abuse, Ahmed runs away to San Francisco and twenty-four hours later finds himself living underground, perfectly hidden.

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The Glass Release  "Four Four Letter" Four Four Letter

Big Shot Magazine says of the Glass' debut album, it is "A longstanding New York-Berlin collaboration between Dubliners/DJ/producers Dominique Keegan and Glen 'DJ Wool' Brady is taken to the next level with this smart full-length." - Big Shot Magazine.

You can get a free MP3 download of  the Glass' new release Four Four Letter by clicking here

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New LGBTQ Novel Features Asexual SidekickStephanie Siberstein


Raleigh, NC—September 1, 2010


LGBTQ suicide prevention activist Stephanie Silberstein’s latest novel, Shades of Gay, will feature an asexual teenager as the protagonist’s best friend, Narrow Path Publishing announced today. The character does not experience sexual attraction but does have strong desires for emotional intimacy.


Silberstein chose to include asexuality to illustrate the difficulties non-heterosexual youth face from a different perspective as well as show that asexuality is normal. “Asexuals face just as much social pressure as other non-heterosexuals, especially in high school,” Silberstein says. “They are expected to be interested in sex, or at the very least be curious about it; otherwise people assume something’s wrong with them. I wanted to include an asexual teen in Shades of Gay to show that asexuals are just like other teens except they don’t experience sexual attraction.”

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