LGBT Anti-Bullying Pioneer Aaron Fricke Publishes Expanded Version Of Acclaimed Memoir 

Reflections of a Rock Lobster Inspires Readers to Stand Up to Bullying

Aaron Fricke, the Rhode Island native who made international headlines in 1980 when he battled in court and won a First Amendment the right to bring his boyfriend to his high school prom, has published an expanded edition of his award-winning memoir Reflections of a Rock Lobster.

Reflections of a Rock Lobster is now available through Amazon by digital download or as a paperback. ($8.51 on Kindle; $8.96 paperback.) This expanded edition, revised personally by the author, features 36 pages of new material, photos and illustrations. The book recounts Fricke's agonizing coming of age as a gay youth in 1970s suburban Rhode Island, and the bullying and physical violence he faced. In this moving account, Fricke explains the reason for his controversial -- and groundbreaking -- decision to invite his friend Paul Guilbert to the prom.

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JODI GOOD Releases New EP Definitely Different!

Bold. Authentic. And definitely different. Three qualities an artist needs to stand out in today's mercurial music biz climate and New York City-based singer-songwriter Jodi Good embodies these virtues.

Jodi releases her debut EP, Definitely Different today, July 30th and will celebrate the release at Pianos in NYC tonight. The new EP is now available to stream on MSN Music ( and on Spotify ( The EP is now available on iTunes, here:

Watch the videop of Definitely Different on YouTube here:

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Sixteen candles lead to a summer of self-discovery in Timothy Woodward’s debut, IF I TOLD YOU SO

Sixteen-year-old Sean Jackson’s summer is off to an inauspicious start. The only place hiring in his small New Hampshire hometown is the local ice cream shop owned by the “Fabulous” Renée, who has a reputation for being tough on employees. Donning a pink t-shirt to scoop sundaes for tourists and seniors promises to be a colder, stickier version of hell.

On his first day of work, Sean meets Becky, a wickedly funny New York transplant with a sarcastic attitude and a taste for mischief. The store manager, Jay, is eighteen, effortlessly cool, and according to Becky, “likes” Sean the way Sean’s starting to like him.

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Sissy Rich, "The World's First Gay Rapper," Invites Us to "Party"

Sissy Rich is one rapper who is not hiding in hip hop. He's sayin' it loud - he's gay and he's proud. And to his burgeoning fan base, fueled by his YouTube postings and iTunes downloads, he is emerging as a hero of sorts.

Unabashedly announcing himself as the "World's First Gay Rapper," Sissy Rich is the bold new face of what he calls 'homo hip hop.' With lyrics that echo the hype and bravado of everyday rap, Sissy Rich doesn't rap gay though. He just is gay, and proud about it - and therein lies his power.

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Love triangle burns amidst roar of 1920s Paris in new historical novel

In “Jagged Blind Hop Zozzle” (ISBN 1466359919), M. S. Simpson dives headlong into the artistic wonders of 1920s Paris.

The Great War had ended while American jazz and the hypnotic dancing of Josephine Baker had taken over night clubs. Into this air of sophisticated hedonism comes Cuthbert Westbrook-Madison, a 30-year-old Amherst professor on sabbatical. He heads to the City of Lights to write and soak up the life all around him.

Along with Baker, he meets the luminaries who converged there, such as James Joyce, Gertrude Stein, F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. Together, this avant-garde takes in the splendor of a city of which the legendary dancer Baker once said, “I do so love a night out in Paris. Caviar and champagne, and the jagged blind hop zozzle from time to time.”

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