The June 24 Issue of Outword Is Out!post pride cover

Sometimes a picture says everything that needs to be said. This could not be more true than with the new issue of Outword! We have combed through over 800 photographs to give you page after page of pictures of Official Pride Events, and more! If you were out there, there’s a good chance you are immortalized in this very special issue.

You might also notice that we have Mrs. Lauper on the cover. Pink, and upside down, but looking soulfully seductive, something we don’t normally get from one of our favorite, gay-friendly singers. Another thing we don’t normally get from her is a Blues album, but that’s exactly what she has just released - and Chris Narloch took a good listen...

This issue isn’t just about the pictures, we also have GLBT news and stuff, a look at the “Real World’s” new gay character, Alan Cumming coming to SF, some more pictures, Trash Film Orgy and a whole lot more.

Both the flip version and the PDF version are available now (scroll down and click on the version you want), and the paper version is making its way around town as you read this.

We hope you enjoy our look at Sac. Pride 2010, and we would like to extend a HUGE Thank-You to everyone that made it happen this year. We had a blast - thanks for all your hard work!



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