The January 13 Issue is Out now!424

Bigger Guns for the New Year! That’s the lead story headline for our new “Health & Body” special issue of Outword Magazine. While we were jokingly referring to someone’s large muscular arms as “guns,” given the current events stemming from Arizona, our timing is somewhat unfortunate... Our deepest sympathies go out to the victims and families of that act of senseless violence.

So, today our newest issue hits the streets, and the web, and we are proud to feature a local on the cover as our workout model, Ricardo Roux. We set up a photo shoot at Urban Fitness, here in Midtown, and have hopefully provided a bit of inspiration as well as eye candy for those vowing to get in better shape for this fresh, new year.

Also inside Boyce Hinman writes about some of the exciting developments regarding the ongoing debacle that is Prop 8. We ask if it’s time to “Chuck the Chick,” we spend some time with Craig Spatola, the ED of Breaking Barriers, we included some fun pictures from Out & About the town and, of course there are Health & Body tidbits sprinkled here and there.

It wouldn’t be a complete issue if we didn’t have some fun DVD, Music and Entertainment news to fill you in on, and sure enough, it does!

You know the drill. Grab one today, or read it online - and for all you iPad readers, just download the PDF, they look great and will also drop into the iBook app to allow for more options. (Isn’t technology grand?)



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