The February 10 Issue is Out Now426 cover

The weather is getting warmer, the sun is coming out from behind the clouds and for some, love is in the air! So every year, around this time, we celebrate that special tingle with our Romance and Weddings issue. Sure the stupid Yes On 8(hate) people still have gay marriage, in California, locked up in court, but hey, f**k them. They can’t stop us from loving.


(Stepping down) Wow, I never realized that box was still so tall..! So in this issue we have some great stuff for you, like Mattel’s homage to the best TV show - ever! Also inside we have an article about a local attorney on a mission, our Word on the Street asks a romantical question and we give you the scoop on an amazingly talented pianist that will be performing with the Sacramento Philharmonic.

Of course we have lots more fun stuff in the paper too. And there is our famous Calendar section, some great ads and even a halo over a town cryer.

So pick or click, it’s your option, and as always, we love that you pick us up and make us a part of your GLBT experience!



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