It’s Not Easy Being Green. Or is it? 430 cover

With this issue of Outword we celebrate our second annual Green issue, and get a little help from the Fabulous Beekman Boys. Their show on the Planet Green channel has been a huge success and they are already airing episodes from the second season.

The “Fabulous Beekman Boys” is a charming reality show that centers around a couple of men that have been in a relationship for eleven years, and recently bought a farm so they could give up big city life. Probably one of the best aspects of the show is that the boys being gay is not the focus, but instead just matter of fact. We are happy to be able to highlight this unique reality show, and wish the Beekman Boys all the best.

Don’t forget the rest of the issue, it’s full of fun stuff too! Starting with the phone camera pic of the week. Just a little sad, and morbidly funny. We love highlighting your pics, so keep them coming! Our very own Linda Kingsley shares her feelings about the Kings leaving Sacramento, Deanna Delgado writes about the fun time she had at Dinah Shore weekend in Palm Springs and some tips to living green and saving money in the process.

As we like to do, there are lots of entertainment tidbits that we hope you will enjoy, and maybe even spur you to get out of the house and see a show.

Outword would also like to thank the most recent additions to our advertising family: (In order of appearance) US Bank, Maita Subaru, Camp Bow Wow, Jose J. Rodriguez, Ella Dining Room and Bar, 57th Street Antiques, Source Events and Cirque Du Soleil - Quidam.

There is so much to gain by picking up this issue, and so little to loose. (There is that ink-on-the-fingers thing...) However, if you read the issue online, that doesn’t happen! So regardless how you get your Outword fix, it is time for you next dose. Enjoy.


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