Romance is in the air. Everywhere I look around...450 cover

And if you look around, you’ll see the new issue of Outword on your local newsstands and online. You could say everywhere you look around... (Spilled milk, right?)

In the pages of this new issue there is a story about the Prop 8 trial transcript tapes not being released to the public. It seems pretty irrelevant now that Prop 8 was officially ruled unconstitutional. So if nothing else our news gives you some background, and keeps you abreast of, what is happening, and to some extent, how our legal system is working. For, or against you.

If you keep looking around you will see some stories about DOMA and HUD, there is an ever-popular word on the street and this issue sees the return of our “In the Neighborhood” page.

Entertainment-wise we highlight some books, offer three new cocktail recipes, mention the upcoming PFLAG fundraiser at the Opera and Chris Narloch chats about some plays. Look for Oscar, Bingo, Logo, Mockingbird, Lucky Buddy and Ali McGraw.

So that gives you a glimpse of the fabulousness that is the new issue of Outword. Pick one up, or give it a read online by clicking one of the buttons below!


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