The February 23 Edition451

This is a special issue of Outword Magazine. We not only pay a tribute to the late Whitney Houston, this issue also contains our annual Best Of survey results.

On the cover we pay our respects to one of the greatest voices in pop music. Her music has been an automatic “call to the dance floor” in gay clubs all around the world since her very first album. Personally, I have fond memories of taking my mother to Studio One and it wasn’t until “I Want To Dance With Somebody” came on that people started dancing, and she realized where I had taken her. It turned out to be a very fun night, and all these years later I have always smiled when that song comes on. Mrs. Houston, you will be missed.

On a lighter note, we show you the winners of this year’s Best Of poll. It was fast and furious, but we had more responses to the survey than ever before, 623. Not everyone voted for every category, but those who did definitely voiced their opinion. We have also included some of the answers to our “What did we forget” survey question. They were fun and interesting. Check it out, starting on page 16.

Of course that’s not all we have mashed into our 28 pages of goodness. We’ve got a Reader Phone Camera Pic, stories about the Lavender Library, the Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center, the Rainbow Chamber, Gay Republicans and an LGBT Super Bowl Survey (look for Hottie David Beckham).

And if that just wasn’t titillating enough, we’ve got Amy, Janice, Channing, Blanche Neige, Ecstacy, Phantom and some Spring Awakening. All that and you are still not at the last page!

So grab, flip, click or download to get this special issue. Take care, and thanks for picking us up.



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