It’s Not Easy Being Green. Or Is It? 454

Our April 12 issue marks our Annual Green Issue, where we dabble on ways for you to help reduce your carbon footprint on this world. And even if your main goal is just to live better, healthier lives, we have some stuff in this issue for that too.

Thankfully we have out singer, songwriter Matt Alber gracing our cover. Gosh knows if we put a picture of a Prius on the cover, you would fall asleep just picking us up. Matt will be coming to Sacramento, playing at a relatively small venue, so if you are a fan, go see him!

This issue also contains the first Sacramento Pride 2012 ad. We mention this, because we all need to start now, praying for sunshine! Ok, well at least mark you calendar for what promises to be more fun than last year..! All kidding aside, the upcoming details for this year’s event are sure to please, and we will let you know them, just as soon as we are able!

Keywords for this issue? Birthday Magic, Appointed, Oral Sex, Sunny Side Up, Apple-y Ever After, Pee Wee, Quartet and Domus Est.

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