Our 17th Annual Arts and Entertainment Issue is Out now!464

The Arts and Entertainment issue is always one of our best issues of the year. It’s easy to overfill it with all sorts of creative things and happenings in and around Sacramento, and this year’s issue is no different.

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The August 23rd Issue is Out Now263

Seventeen years is a pretty long time, but this month Outword Magazine is celebrating our 17th year of being in business, bringing GLBT news, entertainment and everything else to the greater Sacramento community. The owner, and publisher, Fred Palmer takes a moment to reflect of what that means to him. You can find his article on page 7.

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Our Annual Careers and Business Issue is out now. 462

Once past the hard worker on the front cover, you will find lots of cool stuff in this Special Issue of Outword.

In this issue, we profile a couple of community members with interesting jobs or businesses. First is Luca Powell who owns Face and Body Emporium and just recently opened Yogurt Yazzle right next door. Second, Scott Shields who is the Chief Curator at the Crocker Art Museum. Then we check in with Robyn Learned with the Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center and find out what she is up to. All interesting stuff, to be sure!

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The July 26, 2012 Issue is Out!461

The lovely Katy Perry graces the cover of this issue and our own Chris Narloch tells us about her recent movie venture (page 13). And besides, we thought this was a really cute picture of her.

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The July 12, 2012 Issue (Wheels and Tech) Is Out Now. 460

Famous for its All-Wheel-Drive and station wagon body styles (shock! yes I called an SUV a station wagon), Subaru is throwing a curve past the plate with its new BRZ sports coupe. Designed with the enthusiast driver in mind, instead of the weekend DIY-er, the BRZ promises to pump some youthful energy into a steadfast automotive brand. We take a look.

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