Sandra Bernhard.459

She’s everybody’s favorite “Will and Grace” guest star, brash and in-your-face and somehow she thinks she’s a super model. What’s not to love about Sandra Bernhard? We are never quite sure which side she butters her bread on, but, frankly, we just don’t care because we love her. For those who want to see her in person, she will be coming to the Cache Creek Casino just north of Sacramento. Better hurry and buy your tickets though!

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The June 14 Issue is now Online458

Moving is never fun. And moving the Outword office was no exception. However, we have done it! The phone lines are up and working, the internet is a go and now all our internet stuff has caught up too! (The paper hit the streets on Wednesday, right on time)

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Happy Pride Sacramento!457

This year’s Pride celebration is shaping up to, easily, be our best ever. With performers, like our cover model, Jeff Timmons, formerly of the boy band 98 Degrees, and lots more, we are going to have a rockin’ time! According to AccuWeather on my iPad, June 2nd is supposed to be 96 degrees here in Sacramento. With any luck it might just hit 98 degrees... (LOL).

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The May 10 Issue Is Now Available456

One of this year’s Sac Pride performers graces the cover of this issue of Outword Magazine. She is known on RuPaul’s Drag Race as Phi Phi O’hara (Jeremi Carey) and will be in Sacramento to help us celebrate. While the festival isn’t until June 2, we thought you would like to see a sneak peek of the things to come.

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Homes and Gardens 2012 455

This issue is our second most popular issue of the year and it’s no wonder why. There’s nothing like donning the Birkenstocks, flannel shirts and a pair of cargo shorts and going to work on your home.

While we are not HGTV, nor DIY, but we have pulled together some fun stuff, and with the help of our new contractor cover model, some good eye candy too. Ken owns the company Pavers Made Possible and was gracious enough to spend an afternoon doing a photo shoot with our photographer.

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