It’s Not Easy Being Green. Or Is It? 454

Our April 12 issue marks our Annual Green Issue, where we dabble on ways for you to help reduce your carbon footprint on this world. And even if your main goal is just to live better, healthier lives, we have some stuff in this issue for that too.

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HBO's "Game of Thrones"game

Once in a while a made-for-TV show will come along and catch my interest, otherwise I watch very little. The last one that caught my interest was HBO’s “True Blood,” soon to come out with season five, but much more recently a friend introduced me to HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” After watching a couple of episodes I was hooked.

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2012 Annual Travel Issue452

There’s nothing quite like a gay cruise, or even a gay vacation. Knowing you are with others, like yourself, is a very comforting thing. We made our intrepid publisher, Fred, go on a week-long gay cruise around Italy, take pictures along the way, then made him write about it. (Poor Fred!) Check out page 14 for his wrap up of the cruise put on by Source Events.

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The February 23 Edition451

This is a special issue of Outword Magazine. We not only pay a tribute to the late Whitney Houston, this issue also contains our annual Best Of survey results.

On the cover we pay our respects to one of the greatest voices in pop music. Her music has been an automatic “call to the dance floor” in gay clubs all around the world since her very first album. Personally, I have fond memories of taking my mother to Studio One and it wasn’t until “I Want To Dance With Somebody” came on that people started dancing, and she realized where I had taken her. It turned out to be a very fun night, and all these years later I have always smiled when that song comes on. Mrs. Houston, you will be missed.

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Romance is in the air. Everywhere I look around...450 cover

And if you look around, you’ll see the new issue of Outword on your local newsstands and online. You could say everywhere you look around... (Spilled milk, right?)

In the pages of this new issue there is a story about the Prop 8 trial transcript tapes not being released to the public. It seems pretty irrelevant now that Prop 8 was officially ruled unconstitutional. So if nothing else our news gives you some background, and keeps you abreast of, what is happening, and to some extent, how our legal system is working. For, or against you.

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