The September 22 is here today!441 cover

Sigg liff? What’s Sigg liff? Is that what happens when two signatures are placed to close together and they become one? Of course not. And if you have to ask what SIGLFF is, well then you must have been hiding under that proverbial rock for the past 20 years! Because this year SIGLFF (Sacramento International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival) turns 20 and is, as it has 19 times before, preparing for a three day film festival that will titillate and amaze all of your senses.

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To Be, or Not To Be...440

Well, Duh. Be. As in this BE our annual Arts & Entertainment issue! And on the cover we have two amazingly talented, local artists that have been stimulating Sacramento’s theatre community with some pretty intense, critically acclaimed productions, unlike anything we have seen here in years, if at all. Check out page 14 for the whole scoop on Kelley Ogden, Lisa Thew and Kolt Run Productions.

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Oh Sweet Sixteen!439 cover

That’s right! You heard it! Outword Magazine has just turned 16! The years have brought so many fun times, sad times, irritating events, brilliant people, wonderful happenings and so, so much more. Fred is back in the magazine with his message from the publisher and takes a look at then versus now.

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The July 28 Issue of Outwordjknappcor

Grammy nominated Jennifer Knapp tells us about her transition from Christian artist to chick rocker, and if you would like to see her, she will be performing in Sacramento soon. But, you’ll have to read the article to find out when..!

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It’s July 13, that must mean the new issue of Outword is available!436 cover

In just a couple of days the final episode of the Harry Potter movie series will hit the theaters, as well as the IMAX! We can’t wait to see how everything wraps up.

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