The June 23 Issue Is Out Now435 cover

Wow! Who’s that? We have been getting that question a lot since we put the stunningly handsome Ben Cohen on the cover of our latest issue of Outword. Who is he? He’s a former top-scoring British rugby star that has recently retired from the game and has started an anti-bullying foundation.


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The June 9 Issue is available now.434 cover

“Wet and Wild.” That’s what Sacramento Pride 2011 was for almost everyone that braved the constant rain that Mother Nature threw our way. In the spirit of Pride, people actually had a good time, and helped to support the Sacramento Gay and Lesbian and all the good it does for our community. With the help of Larry Lauszus and Charles Peer, we have some great pictures that capture some of those good times. (Thank you Larry for taking the cover shot of Kate Moore!)

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Here We Are At Pride Again!433 cover

It’s Pride season and Prides are blooming all over the state and the rest of the country. Some are fun, some aren’t, some are political and some just want to spread love.
2011 marks Sacramento’s second Pride celebration that will take place on Capitol Mall between the Tower bridge and the Capitol building. Last year’s was amazingly fun, and from what we have seen here at Outword, this year’s looks like it will just build on that success.

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The May 12 Issue is Out Now.432 cover

Controversies aside, there are a lot of folks out there that love rodeos, and the people that love rodeos too! We sent our intrepid photographer James Dusch all the way down to the far reaches of our state to capture some great shots of the Palm Springs rodeo. So our cover reflects that spirit, and then some of the pictures can be spotted on page 29.

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Outword’s 15th Annual Homes and Gardens Issue431

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Spring has already sprung, the local trees have their leaves for the summer and it’s even time to turn on the automatic yard sprinklers. So if you have plans of creating a lush, colorful landscape all around your house, but don’t have the slightest idea what will grow in yard, we have spoken to the wonderful folks over at Green Acres Nursery and they gave us some tips. And, they are standing by waiting to help.

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