Dolly In The Kitchen!692 cover

Dolly, Hope, Amy, Lucy, Oscar, Desi, Harry and even Lady G. What on Earth could they all have in common? They are all in the newest issue of Outword Magazine, that’s what!

As you can see, we have the sweet, lovely and talented Dolly Parton on the cover as she whips up some baked goods with Duncan Hines by her side. What a fun way to cross-mojonate. You can check out what she is up to (now) on page 14.

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It’s February 24, and the New Issue of Outword is Out Now!691 cover

What can be said about John Waters that hasn’t already been said? Plenty. And, it’s all (kinda) good! Our very own Chris Narloch sat down with John and talked a spell. You can read all about it on page 17. Not to mention that he will be returning to Sacramento, so don’t miss this!

However, page 17 is only one page of this 24-page gem.

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Oh, That Wedding, Oh, Those Smiles, Oh, Those Shoes!690 cover

As you might have gathered from the cover of the new issue of Outword, it is our Romance and Weddings Issue. Along with our other themed issues, we do this once a year and try to fill these special issues with cool, fun stuff. So, besides the fun and funky cover, you will find wonderful articles, pictures and even ads inside this new issue that could be mondo helpful. You absolutely owe it to yourself to go pick one up, or click through and read it online!

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The Issue (complete with a Triple Salchow) is OUT… On ICE!689 skater cover

Our hearts swell with PRIDE for our latest cover boy, figure skater Jason Brown. Not only is he newly out -- he also landed a spot on the 2022 U.S. Winter Olympic team. By the way, he’s single. Read more about Jason on page 10!

Kicking off the latest issue are a few noteworthy and newsy items. On page 3, there’s a story on the advancement of LGBTQ+ polices by the Human Rights Campaign during the first year of the Biden-Harris Administration. On page 4, learn how you can obtain free STD kits. Don’t think you need them? Well perhaps you didn’t know STDs are at an all-time high 6 years in a row. Consider yourself advised and protect yourself, people!

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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and Great Music!688

The issue is OUT. We hope you had a fantastic holiday and we are ready to kick off a new year with our Health and Body Issue!

Our buff, healthy, and handsome cover model is wearing a pair of Sennheiser Momentum 2 earbuds, and a review of them (along with a review of a pair of Klipsch T5 McLarens) can be found on page 18.

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