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While the "flip" style online version of our print publication has met with resounding approval, there are some that prefer to be able to download a PDF version of Outword. So starting with this issue, Feb. 25, 2010, we will be offering both, the online and a PDF for download. Scroll down this page and click on the link for the version you want.

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The February 11 Issue is now available!romance cover

With this issue we celebrate the love that can't be stripped away from us, by anyone! Inside you will find a Wedding Services section for those who want to show their love and commitment, even if they can't have legal document.

The wonderful photo on the cover was taken by Monica Lunadri, a straight mother of four, that has created a series of photographs that she calls "Freedom to Love" which can be seen at her art space at Kennedy Gallery in Midtown Sacramento, or online at:

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The January 28 Issue is now availableuptown studios

With this issue of Outword Magazine we are shouting out to Tina Reynolds and her crew at Uptown Studios for the things they do for our community - and beyond!

We asked Sam Catalano to sit down at his computer and tell us what he thinks about the political arena today...

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The January 14 Issue Is Now AvailableOutword Health Cover

The electronic version has been uploaded and can be read by just flipping through the pages online!

Hello 2010! The first issue of Outword for the new year focuses on Health and Body. For most of us the new year is a "line in the sand" that we use to say, "From this moment, things will be different!"

Hopefully you will find lots of stuff in Outword to help with that and much, much more.



The December 10 Issue Is Now Availableavatar cover

The electronic version has been uploaded and can be read by just flipping through the pages online!

James Cameron's new movie, Avatar, is sure to be a Blockbuster this holiday season, and an image from that film graces our cover. Inside, Chris Narloch runs down what you can expect to find in movie theaters around town, and previews the Broadway production of Xanadu that will be in town soon.

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