Mistress Elvira682 cover

Our favorite Mistress of the Dark, Elvira, graces our cover and ushers in our latest issue, just as the winds pick up and the temperature gets a little chilly outside. Yes, it’s October and fall is definitely in the air.

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Outword’s Annual Arts and Entertainment Issue is OUT Now!681 cover

It’s been a rough year and a half, and the staff at Outword thought y’all needed some entertainment! Lucky for you, it’s time for our Annual Arts Issue which aims to please, with page after page of fun things to read, watch, attend, and listen to, this fall and beyond -- in Sacramento, Davis, and the Bay Area.

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Let’s Eat! Farm to Fork is Happening Now!680

It’s no surprise that we here at Outword love food, and drink. This special issue is also one of our favorites, after all, who doesn’t want to write and read about great, fresh food? Thankfully, we live in a town that has that kind of food in abundance.

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Happy Birthday to Us!679

We’re 26 years old this month––old enough to drink, drive, vote, buy cigarettes, and rent a car, but still too young to start getting Botox. But seriously, twenty-six years is a long time to have been in business. We hope you will celebrate with us by taking advantage of some special advertising deals we are offering (see pages 8 and 15 for more details).

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Pack your bags and go on a journey with our Annual Travel Issue!678

Let’s begin our issue on page 4 with a little bit of good news from CalHOPE.
They provide free outreach, crisis counseling, and support services to Californians that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We can stay in good shape mentally, and then in good shape physically with the Race for the Arts (a 5K race also on page 4) that’s taking place on August 28th.

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