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Uniting the LGBTQ+ community of Northern California with one professional publication, Outword Magazine has become the advertiser’s preferred choice for print advertising, and mixed media, to the LGBT market.

The print version of Outword Magazine comes out on the Second and Forth Thursdays of each month.

We also make each issue available for reading on a computer or mobile device via ISSUU, or you can download each issue as a PDF from our website. If your ad includes a web address we will make the ad live link to that address in this electronic version.

For each issue, we email blast that the issue is now available, and we also post the same announcement on our Facebook page. If you are an advertiser, please make sure you like us on Facebook and add your email to our email blast list.

For more information contact us.

Outword Magazine
1026 Florin Road, #344
Sacramento, CA 95831

Phone (916) 329-9280
Fax (916) 498-8445

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