Outword’s March 22 issue is Out Now!

Mar 22, 2018

Here we are, already, at the tail end of March and the beginning of Spring.

Not a bad place to be. California is getting some much-needed rain, without too terribly much drama, and when the sun comes out, it’s beautiful. So, make sure to take a breather and get out from behind that desk, or off that super-comfy sofa and get outside and enjoy. (Lord knows it will be hot soon enough!)

Cute and talented, singer Calum Scott, graces our cover and Chris Narloch tells about his new musical work, along with David Byrne’s new album as well. You can find that write up on page 16.

Out with the old, in with the new. The LGBT Center has brought on a full time employee to take over its fundraising events, including Sac. Pride, and she is ready to make Pride something really special this year. Thank-you’s go out to Kelli, Fred and the whole Pride Committee for their brilliant work with Sac Pride over the past years. Check out all the details on page 8.

We would also like to welcome back a column that we used to have called “Out and About.” This time Matt Burlingame will be writing it, so we are calling it “Out and About with Matt!” It’s odds and ends, bits and pieces of things that are happening right here in the river city. If you have something fun to add, email Matt and if there is room, we’ll see what we (he) can do.

By now I’m sure everyone reading this knows what I’m about to write… “But wait! There’s more!” Right? So be sure to check out this new issue and as always, we hope you enjoy – and thank you for picking us up!