Outword’s November 9, 2023 Issue is Out Now!

Nov 8, 2023

After the lightening-fast pace that was this Summer, it is nice to have a little time to collect our thoughts and recharge our batteries before the Holidays hit. This issue has a more relaxed tone, but is still chock full of some fun and informative stuff. We chose to highlight Showtime’s new series “Fellow Travelers” on the cover, with a brief introduction within, written by Chris Narloch. You can read about the new LGBT show on page 10.

Flipping through the pages you will find a new book, “Letter to My Transgender Daughter,” three new Oscar hopeful movies, a queer Pro Wrestler and Why Wine is Important. As if we don’t already know… (LOL). We even managed to slip in a Republican’s book announcement on page 4.

Be sure to take a look at page 14 to see pictures from the Rainbow Chamber’s Boas and Bow Ties annual gala event. Looks like a very fun time, especially with a theme of “Rocky Horror Picture Show”! And, Matt Burlingame comes though with an excellent re-cap of fun things to do and see, page 22.

You know that’s not all, but suffice to say that you want to pick up a copy or read it for free online. There’s some good stuff.

Our next issue of Outword will be the first of two Holiday Shopping issues, and have we got some great ideas lined up! But first, enjoy this Nov. 9 issue, but if you have something you would like to get the word out about for the holidays, just drop us a line and we will help you you do just that..

Enjoy. And don’t forget to send us a great food pic from wherever you sampled a delicious meal, or drink. You know we love them.