Happy Pride Sacramento!

May 31, 2018

This issue is easily Outword’s largest, each year, and we love it! For years now we have worked with Sac Pride and included the official event program within the pages of Outword, and this year we are, again, proud to host those pages, and so much more.

We are more than just a little excited that the amazing Martha Wash will be headlining Sac Pride and can’t wait to see her perform. Martha and Izora Rose were backup singers for the very first Queen of Disco, Sylvester, and then later formed their own group The Weathergirls and generated the iconic smash hit, “It’s Raining Men!” Her performance at this year’s pride event should be amazing.

Check out page 44 to see another headliner for the event, Big Freedia, and check out the official guide for the list of all the performers and when they will be on stage.

Also, we would like to thank everyone who made this issue possible. From advertisers, photographers, guest writers and more, we are so happy that you contributed. Thank you!

Of course, in an issue this large, there are other things to read and see. So, all you need to do is either click over to Outword’s free electronic versions, or hop down to your local stand and pick up a copy. We think you will be glad you did!

See you Sunday, June 10!