Our Annual Wheels and Tech Issue is Out Now!

Jul 12, 2018

“Wheels” doesn’t always have to be the latest greatest or most tech savvy. Sometime it can mean something unique and vintage, and sometimes it can mean a lifelong love affair that includes a certain type of vehicle, and sometimes it can mean a leading edge, 3-row SUV made to safely transport a growing family!

“Tech,” well, there is no way we can keep up with all the cool things that are coming out in the tech industry, but we have a couple of fun articles. Look for Artificial Intelligence that could save our environment, and SMUD sponsoring electric vehicle test drives.

As far a LGBT (and LGBT-Friendly) entertainment, Chris Narloch and others, will not disappoint. “What’s New on Local Stages,” “New Queer Music,” “Japanese Film Festival” and “Out at the Fair” is returning to the CA State Fair this year. Don’t miss “Out and About with Matt!”

We would like to say a special “Thanks!” to everyone that helped make this issue the special one it is. It is always great when members of our Sacramento community help us put fun stuff on the pages of Outword Magazine. We certainly look forward to much, much more!

Enjoy the read.